• Professional business special package

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    This series is for the person that wants to start their own business or perfect their present running bussiness. 

    You will work hand in hand with the owner Rosemay Garcia to perfect and learn the professional side of beauty industry. With over 25 years of understanding and working in the cosmetics industry, your in great hands. 

    In this series you will learn to make the following products in these classes. 

    Hair care class.. Body lotion class...basic soap class.. Spa soap class... Liquid soap class.. Body Sugar scrub class .. Coffee scrub class.. Lip balm class...candle jar making class.. Body lotion class .. Coloring and herb soap techniques, whipped body soufflĂ© class, Deodorant making class.  These classes will be a profitable and successful class for you to learn to resell. 

    You will also get a supply kit and Equiptment. All your supplies are included. 

    You will also be given homework and help via email and phone if needed. 

    After this series if you want to formulate products specifically for your own line. We are able to set up separate private classes for additional Fees at a discounted rate since your a student already. 

    Know let's create!