• Kids Sewing Class

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    Let's get the kids creative and sewing like a pro. We teach the child to be comfortable of the sewing machine. He or she will enjoy the creative part and hands on aspect of the class. 

    We teach them 2 hours long in each class. It's a 4 week long program and 4 individual classes 2 hours long each. 

    • Week one - Tote bag 
    • Week two- Apron 
    • Week 3---drawstring backpack 
    • Week 4-- elastic skirt or pillow 
    Class schedule for kids! 

    Monday, Tuesday, Friday
    School kids schedule 
    3-6pm (come 2 hours between those hours)
    6-8 pm
    Saturday's 2 twice a month 
    3-pm to 5pm
    Sunday 11-2pm