• Portfolio Design Sewing Class series

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    So your ready to to get your sewing juices flowing? Well you got the right place for that. We at BCS is a place to help bring all that happen. 

    In this class you will learn not just how to get that needle thread, but how to learn to sew and also learn finishing techniques. 

    Sewing is so relaxing and we have the patience to help you individually learn that task. 

    In this 9 class course what do you learn? 

    You will be helped to set up your school design portfolio. You will make each peace that you have designed and put it together with pattern making techniques, also pattern reading and pattern alterations.

    • Each class is 3 hours long. 
    • 9 individual classes 
    • You will design what exactly you want to add to your look book and then we will teach you the sewing and design techniques and will put your designs to a reality. 
    The class fees Does Not Include fabric supplies. You must eather bring fabric or pay for a project fee each week. 

    Class Schedule:

    As long as you purchase the class directly from this website you have the flexibility to choose your own schedule of coming to class. You must book in advance and you can choose from the sewing class schedule to suit your own personal scheduling needs. 

    Monday's 11-2

    Tuesday 11-2 or 2-5 or 6-9pm

    Wednesday 11-2

    Thursday 11-2 

    Friday 11-2 or 6-9pm

    Saturday's 4-7pm (twice a month)

    Sunday's 1-4pm