Meet our teachers at Brooklyn Creative Studio

Instructor:  Yesenia Martinez

Has a lot of spunk and great energy when teaching her classes. Yesenia started at Brooklyn Creative Studio several years ago as an apprentice under owner Rosemary Garcia and has done so well that she now teaches all the chemistry classes that she learned. 

Candle Making, Soap Making, hair care class, body butter, bath bombs and more....

Come take a class and you will be totally ready to start a business! Just as she did as she was the apprentice under the owner. 

Princeton Davis

Assistant Store Manager 

Princeton has been with Brooklyn Creative Studio since day one. He helped in different positions to assist the growth of the studio. Helping out with the website, product photography to helping run the event planning division of our business. 

Princeton now Assistant Store Manager to the owner Rosemary Garcia is making Brooklyn Creative Studio a place where all students and customers feel welcome and happy taking all their classes or purchasing great handmade gifts. 

Miss Kimberly Wilkes

Sewing Teacher! 

Sweet as pie she is! Kim has been with Brooklyn Creative Studio for many years now and we all just love her! She's extremely talented and you will leave any of the sewing classes feeling confiden. 

Miss Paula 

Baking Instructor 

CakePop class, Cupcake class, cookie baking, brownie baking class and Cake baking class. 

Full of jokes, laughter and totally talented. Miss Paula will teach you baking techniques that you didn't walk into the class with. She's full of patience and has a love for baking like no other. 

Rhiannon Platt

Teaches: knitting, Crochet, knitting machine, embroidery classes. 

A lover of crafts and an expert with all types of needles, from knitting to embroidery needles, Rhiannon will empower you to learn your craft very well and with confidence. 

Rosemary Garcia

Owner and Instructor of Brooklyn Creative Studio, Rosemary developed all 78 classes taught in the studio and continues to add and evolve classes and curriculums all the time. At any given time, she may be teaching any of your classes which is a treat for new students.