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Skincare Making Class

                          Body Butter Class.

In this class you will learn the fundamentals of making Natural homemade Body Butter Cream. You will use fresh Organic ingredients and Shea Butter that is from Africa.You will learn the process of Whipping and balancing of Natural oils and Shea Butter with Amazing scents from Lavender to a Cake Flavor scent.                                                                    In this Class you will learn to create your own scent and your own desires of Body Cream so you can make at home in the future. This is a hands on class and you will mix and balance all ingredients.                                                       This Class is 3 hours long and you will leave with 3 different types of Body Products Whipped Body Butter, Sugar Body Scrub and Lip Balm.


             Class Cost     $329.00

On sale for $75.00
Wednesday 1-3pm
Friday 1-3pm
Saturday  7pm--9pm


Skincare Face Cream 
In this class you learn how to make face cream, Eye Cream, Face Mask, Face honey Scrub and lip balms to meet your skins needs.
Everything used is Organic and Natural.
Ingredients come from West Africa and are all Natural.
Its a 2 hour class and very relaxing.
Classes are small and scheduling is very flexible to meet your scheduling needs.
Supplies included

On Sale for $250.00

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